President of Sunlight

Egyptian is nationality, international is economic activity. Mr.Ragab El Shinnawy, the businessman built his empire by his bare hands and his own brain, starting from zero, now he is the proprietor of SUNLIGHT group whose progressive success is a witness to the dynamic activity of the man.

These companies are not only specialized in shinnawy's main activates. Shipping business – but also in tourism, commerce, fisheries and many other activities. This indicates that the man's projects are too managed accurately to the best confidence and interest of clients.


In parallel with reopening of the SC (1974), SUNLIGHT has been established in Port Said as a head office & in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, Damietta & Rea Sea Ports as branches.

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Port Said Branch (Head Office):

address: 38, Mahmoud Sidky St,

P.O Box: 267

Tel: (002066) 3201175 - 3201241 - 3201293

Fax: (002066) 3201145