- Fresh and dry provisions.

- Fresh and frozen meat, fish and poultry.

- Bonded stores.

- Deck, engine and cabin stores.

- Navigational equipment, books and charts.

- Supply of spare parts and shore repairing assistance.

- Bunkers, lubricants and fresh water supplies.

- Quality assured at competitive prices.

- 24 hours round clock standby services.

- Wherever the location of the ship in Egypt you will discover our presence.

- Reliable service with fast response.


In parallel with reopening of the SC (1974), SUNLIGHT has been established in Port Said as a head office & in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, Damietta & Rea Sea Ports as branches.

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Contact us

Port Said Branch (Head Office):

address: 38, Mahmoud Sidky St,

P.O Box: 267

Tel: (002066) 3201175 - 3201241 - 3201293

Fax: (002066) 3201145